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We facilitate the transformation of the cannabis industry, one client at a time.


Qualinoid is an international canna-business consultancy based in Switzerland. Our experience and knowledge of the latest innovations within the cannabis industry allows us to tailor our services to the needs of any client. 

We believe that the human benefits and commercial potential of cannabis have yet to be fully realized. This belief drives us to provide the best, most comprehensive suite of consulting services to our clients.


Create a stronger canna industry by helping clients develop and execute winning business strategies and cultivate new opportunities for sustained commercial success.


Qualinoid’s diverse team of consultants reflects our diverse clientele. We are self-starters and freethinkers, united in our drive to build a  better canna industry. Our consultants challenge conventional thinking while developing plans of action that deliver sustainable, measurable results for our clients.


Our team’s deep experience in the canna industry gives us access to a huge network of contacts from every sector that touches your business. We connect our clients with the right partners and investors at the right times, facilitating organic, sustainable business growth. We bring unmatched expertise to each phase of our clients’ operations, from manufacturing and testing to R&D, marketing, and sales. No matter what your company’s size or position in the canna market, we have the experience and business relationships to help you take the next step with confidence and success.


The canna industry is unique, and your business consultant should be, too. Whether you are launching a new business, growing an existing company, or expanding your product line, Qualinoid will keep you informed of the latest consumer trends, laws and regulations, and industry developments. By focusing our efforts on the canna industry, we help our clients make the adjustments necessary to stay ahead of the curve.  

Above all, we listen to each client before working with them to create unique, measurably successful plans of action. Here are just a few of the functions we support.

Market Research

Our international team of industry analysts and seasoned consultants conducts qualitative and quantitative research on markets of any scope. Our network spans more than 20 countries, allowing us to perform industry-wide research or to focus our analysis on the demands and opportunities of discrete market segments.

Management Consulting

Our management consulting services go beyond traditional training to include on-the-ground operational and management support, helping you run your business smoothly while bringing it to scale.

Market Entry

The canna industry is fraught with barriers to local market entry. We help our clients expand into new markets and territories and to grow across international borders. We are based in the canna-capital of the world, and our team represents the most important cannabis-related jurisdictions on earth, from The US to Switzerland, Canada to Israel. We actively work for better, more transparent regulation of cannabis markets throughout the world, and keep our clients abreast of changes in critical markets.


Investor Search

Partner Search

Market Research

Market Strategy

Product research and Development

Product and Service Launch

Marketing and Promotion

Digital Marketing Strategies and Campaigns

Business Model Development

Operational Strategy

We’re ready to learn about your needs, answer your questions, and put your business on the road to sustained growth. To get started, leave your email address or phone number, and we will contact you soon.

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